Welcome on board WISESA Liveaboard !

 Cruise in the world’s nicest archipelago is our passion and wether you dive or snorkel, we’d love to share our next adventure with you !

  • Dive cruises in worlds best underwater ecosystems on board Wisesa.

Visit Komodo, Raja Ampat or Banda islands. Meet the endemic species, walking Shark, or the “all black” Manta Ray, and much more… Enjoy the world richest Reefs with 74% of all known coral species !

  • Snorkeling Expedition in Raja Ampat or Komodo, WISESA do not mix divers & snorkelers on the same cruise ! 100% snorkelers on board !

Share our long experience in 100% snorkeling cruises. We are specialist  in that adventures, Explore the wonders of virgin untouched islands, meet the wildlife, snorkel around colorful Reefs, swim with Manta Rays or Black Tip Sharks. Enjoy a trekking deep in the Rain Forests looking for some mysterious animals. Share some smiles with local populations, and learn from there cultures… On board Wisesa you will enjoy amazing adventures.

  • Surf the best Indonesian Surf Spots in North Maluku or Sumba, Savu, Timor, Islands. WISESA Surf Adventures !

Guided by experienced Surfers, Catch the perfect wave, grab your board & pull in the barrel ! We surf only the most remote waves ! We love empty line-up. Enjoy the Surf or look at your friends while you take a rest in Wisesa’s Lounge & enjoy the food…

Our Different Cruises & Destinations :

Dive Raja Ampat

Liveaboard Dive Cruise in the world best underwater ecosystem ! Cruise around Raja Ampat islands, a Lifetime Trip !

Dive Komodo

3 to 4 daily dives to Enjoy amazing Seascapes… But also meet with the prehistorical Dragon !

Snorkeling Raja Ampat Expedition

Amazing Raja Ampat ! No word to describe the beauty of this archipelago ! A must see…

Snorkeling Komodo Expedition

Expedition in Komodo National Park, meet the Dragons, Snorkel with sharks & Manta, enjoy colorful Reefs !

Dive Forgotten Islands ! From Maumere, Up to Banda !!!

Amazing Cruise, in October Only, start from Maumere finish in Banda islands !!! School of Hammerhead sharks, big stuff, and Macro lovers welcome !

Dive from Banda to Raja Ampat with WISESA !

One of our favorite Dive Cruise, start in Ambon, going to Banda island, finish in South Raja Ampat Misool island! The most stunning Dive Cruise only in October …

Surf Maluku - Morotai

Our Favorite Surf destination. Enjoy perfect waves in the Last surf frontier !

Surf Sumba - Savu - Timor

This Surf boat trip bring you in the Indonesian most consistent Surf area !


Cruise Indonesia with us, and explore Raja Ampat, Komodo, Maluku, Sumba, Timor, and more… Experience a unique liveaboard adventure on our boat WISESA !

On board WISESA, you will not be boring, you will always have an activity you love to practice in the Paradise we visit ! You will enjoy the confort of our Boat WISESA!

WISESA Lounge area ! Spacious and confortable, you will enjoy 4 nice cabins, a large main deck with Dining area, Bar Lounge area, Solarium, etc…

Amazing Raja Ampat ! This Archipelago of about 1500 islands is a jewel, Breathtaking landscapes, richest underater Life !

Our boat WISESA ! Built in 2015/2016 enjoy a strong & safe Vessel !

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