TrashStock Festival, or How Art Can Help Tackle Plastic Pollution

From 26th June to 2nd July, the TrashStock “Musik Artistik Plastik” will hold an art exhibition in Bali. 

While focusing Wisesa does not have its own recycling program, we do our best to minimize our plastic waste usage. Additionaly, we deliver our waste to a reputable Sorong-based NGO who does a great job in gathering the liveaboard community together to fight the rampant Raja Ampat pollution. 

But closer to our base of operation in Bali, Wisesa’s marketing officer has created TrashStock Musik Artistik Plastik, an organisation focusing on using artworks to convey educational messages to prevent plastic pollution through art. 

Art has an incredible ability to influence our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Beyond its role as a form of creative expression, art can be a powerful tool for driving behavioral change, particularly through the use of cognitive messaging.

Cognitive messaging in art refers to the intentional design of messages that aim to shape an individual's thought patterns, perceptions, and understanding of a particular issue or topic. When these messages are effectively conveyed through various art forms such as paintings, sculptures, installations, or other visual arts, they possess the potential to create a profound impact on the viewer's mindset. That’s why TrashStock exhibition uses all these mediums, and music as well.

One of the ways in which art can drive behavior change is by raising awareness and promoting critical thinking or, in this case, assist in raising awareness about plastic pollution. Artworks that address social or environmental issues have the capacity to evoke emotional responses and challenge viewers to reflect upon their own beliefs and actions. By presenting alternative perspectives or highlighting the consequences of certain behaviors, art can prompt individuals to reevaluate their choices and make more informed decisions.

Moreover, art can serve as a catalyst for dialogue and discussion. Exhibitions or installations that encourage audience participation create spaces like the TrashStock festival for people to engage in conversations about the issues depicted in the artwork. These interactions foster empathy, understanding, and a shared sense of responsibility, which can lead to collective action and behavior change. Art provides a platform for individuals to express their thoughts and concerns, and through these exchanges, new insights and perspectives can emerge.

Art has the unique ability to offer imaginative solutions and inspire innovation. By presenting innovative ideas or showcasing sustainable practices, artworks can encourage viewers to think creatively about potential solutions to societal challenges. This can lead to the adoption of new behaviors that are more environmentally friendly, socially responsible, or ethically conscious. Art has the power to challenge conventional thinking and inspire individuals to explore new possibilities and approaches.

In conclusion, art has the capacity to shape behavior through cognitive messaging. By presenting thought-provoking messages, fostering dialogue, inspiring creative thinking, and transcending cultural barriers, art can contribute to positive behavior change. As viewers engage with art and internalize its messages, they may begin to rethink their attitudes and actions, ultimately leading to a more conscious and sustainable society.

So, go support TrashStock exhibition at Kulidan Kitchen if you are in Bali, and take a moment to reflect on the cognitive messaging it conveys. Allow yourself to be inspired and moved by the artwork's ability to drive positive change in behavior. Embrace the transformative power of art and join the movement towards creating a better world.

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