The best period is October


8 days / 7 nights or 12 days /11 nights

Points of Departure & Arrival

Sorong-Sorong (West Papua, Indonesia)

The magic of the BANDA sea islands…

The Banda Sea cruise is a rare experience offered on the Wisesa. On top of cruising in a history-packed area. The Wisesa sails the Banda Archipelago in October to have the best chance of diving with hammerhead sharks.

We then take advantage of favorable conditions to explore the ten islands that make up the archipelago, starting from Ambon. If conditions permit, you can sail toward the very isolated island of Manuk, which, among other things, is the habitat of thousands of sea snakes.

“Ocean is more ancient than the mountains and freighted with the memories and the dreams of Time.”
-H. P. Lovecraft-

Come and discover the wealth and beauty of the Banda archipelago through our unique cruises.
Dive among an amazing underwater ecosystems in Banda Sea aboard the WISESA.

The legendary Spice Route will be your way

The Banda Islands form an archipelago of volcanic islands located south of the Moluccas in central Indonesia.

Once known for their lucrative spice trade, they have seen many foreigners come from all over the world in search of the precious nutmeg. The Banda Islands are full of historical sites that you can visit, such as the old Dutch forts where you will learn all about the famous “spice route” history.

The rich history of these islands has left its mark. Also, do not miss the Banda Neira fort built during the Dutch colonization to secure the spice route.

Hammerhead sharks and sea snakes as diving buddies

Nowadays, this region attracts visitors for very different reasons. The Banda Islands are isolated in the middle of the deepest Indonesia waters.

This very particular geographical situation is certainly at the origin of the coral reef richness, featuring an extraordinary biodiversity which attracts a large number of pelagic species, including the famous hammerhead shark. Witness the great migration of hammerhead sharks from the Banda Sea in October.

From a few individuals to several dozen if you are lucky, you will be able to live a unique experience in the life of a diver.
We shall of course not forget to mention the many sea snakes whose stunning patterns will be hypnotizing you while rippling in the waters.

The Banda Islands also include vertical walls where large pelagic predators come to hunt, beautiful corals, many subjects on the plateaus for macro enthusiasts, but also underwater arches and caves.

In short, the Banda Islands are full of big surprises!

The fantastic Banda Sea is waiting for you on exclusive availability

Banda Sea Cruise onboard the Wisesa, is not only a holiday, it’s an experience of a lifetime !


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✖ Domestics & Internationals flights from & to Ambon. (We give you free service to assist you booking the domestic flights)

✖ Alcoholic drink, such as our wine selection, spirits or beer

✖ Travel insurance for cancelation fee, repatriation (you must have your own assurance)

✖ Special scuba diving insurance such as DAN or equivalent (mandatory)

✖ Harbor and national park fees, Banda cruises only 170 USD/ passenger or for Ambon to Raja Ampat cruises 280 USD/passenger)

✖ Rent of the dive equipment please check dive equipment rent price List

✖ Use of the Satellite telephone ( 2 USD / min )

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