Wisesa North Maluku Surf Charter


The best period is from November to February


11 nights cruise

Points of Departure & Arrival

Tobelo city – Tobelo city

Amazing liveaboard trip in the last Indonesian surf frontier ! Join & surf the best waves in North Maluku!

This surf charter starts from Tobelo city in North Maluku. After your flight from Bali, we will pick you up from Tobelo airport, and transfer you aboard the Wisesa. The cruise starts immediately, and we will have the opportunity to surf the first day. Indeed, we found a few interesting warming up waves near Tobedo islands..
Then, our surf guide will choose Wisesa’s route regarding wind condition, swell orientation & size. We have plenty of options:going East to the Buli’s islands, on Halmahera’s west coast or North Morotaï.
We will Surf many different waves right & left, many secrets, and also famous ones such as Serenade, Indojiwa, etc…

If you want to escape Bali’s crowdedness, this cruise is for you!

The good thing about this surf charter is that you will see almost no other surfer! Not because of the quality of the waves, but mostly because of the remoteness of these islands, many spots are accessible only by boat!

The downside is that as a charter cruise, this is not on our regular schedule of cruises. Hence, you shall talk to us about when you and your friends would like to do such a great trip.

Location :

Situated in the North-East Indonesia, North Maluku islands are facing the Pacific Ocean. The main islands are Halmahera & Morotaï.

There are plenty of smaller islands around with many great opportunities to find new spots where we keep Searching…

All these islands are paradise style! Most of them are covered with a wild rain forest from the center to the coast, plenty of amazing white sand beaches, & pristine waters.


We will assist you to book your domestic flight tickets. From Bali you have to fly to Tobelo Airport (code KAU), where the Wisesa crew is waiting for you for an amazing surf boat trip !

Surf & period :

North Maluku Wisesa Surf Charter brings you to the last surf frontier in Indonesia, where you are sure to escape the crowds!

The season is from November to February, when we touch swell from monsoon and South Pacific cyclone seasons. During this season, winds are mostly light and swells can be consistent.

Our surf guide will always bring you to the best spots possible, regarding swell & wind conditions. Plenty of nice walls, and great barrels are waiting for you.

A Raja Ampat liveaboard cruise onboard the Wisesa, is not only a holiday, it’s an experience of a lifetime !