Indonesian Highlight Cruise

Cruises to Indonesia will bring you to the world-famous island of Bali, where a boho vibe, exciting cuisine, and unspoiled beaches await. Bask in the sun on the bright white sands of Gunung Payung Beach, or head to artsy Ubud for an afternoon of yoga or a traditional dance class to rejuvenate your spirits. Relax with a fresh acai bowl or tropical blended cocktail as you overlook the palm-fringed sands of Nusa Dua and soak in this magical island’s blissful energy before heading back to the ship.

Indonesia is a country of contrasts in every way, and one of the biggest highlights of visiting is experiencing an array of harmonious, intertwining local cultures. Each port has its own traditions when it comes to food, art, architecture, dialect, and religion. This diverse cultural blend allows you to immerse yourself in a world of temples, shrines, ancient healing practices, local art, and island cuisine. Discover new perspectives, make everlasting memories, and gain a fresh understanding of how harmonious and welcoming this diverse island culture can be.

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