Amazing 8 Days Raja Ampat Diving Expedition

Center & North (including Wayag Island)


Approximately 18 dives

Amazing liveaboard dive holiday in one of the best world richest marine biodiversity !

Day 1 – Boarding in Sorong

After a welcome Mocktail and the safety briefing, the crew will weigh anchor and the Captain will set sail towards Waisai.

During this first navigation you will take possession of your cabins, prepare your snorkelling equipment, your cameras, and also socialise with the crew and other passengers. If the weather permits, you can do a first snorkelling dive to familiarise yourself with your equipment, regain your feelings in the water, and for the first time admire the Raja Ampat underwater world!

First of a long list of sumptuous sunsets, dinner and night on board near Waisai.

Day 2 – West of Dampier Strait

We will spend our second day west of the Dampier Strait, which is home to some of the most beautiful dive sites in the centre of the Raja-Ampat, all bordered by islands with dense and luxuriant vegetation. Depending on the conditions, we will dive the site of “Mioskon”, a very beautiful little island with a white sand beach It is surrounded by a magnificent reef composed mainly of hard corals which is home to an important fauna: trevallies, groupers, fusiliers, moray eels, big humpback parrots and even the star shark of the Raja Ampat the Wobbegong! Something to start your stay in a good mood!

This will be followed by one of the best dives in Raja Ampat on, “Mayhem reef”, named this way because of the different currents which attract an impressive influx of fish. It is rare to see so many in one dive. Reef sharks, snappers, trevallies, barracudas, schools of fusiliers, pennate swordfish, moray eels, sea snakes, pygmy seahorses, carpet sharks and wobbegongs are some of the creatures you can observe here.

We will also dive at the site of “Citrus Ridge”. Just imagine all the citrus fruits colour with an explosion of yellow, orange, pink, purple and green corals draping the sloping reef. It is also home to a wide variety of marine life, which is why we often call this place “the aquarium”…

At the end of the afternoon, the Wisesa will weigh anchor for a long navigation towards the magical island of Wayag. (Dinner and night in navigation).

Day 3 – Wayag

The most beautiful landscape of the Raja Ampat archipelago is undoubtedly that offered by the uninhabited and incredibly picturesque islands of Wayag where, very early in the morning, the boat will drop anchor. This labyrinth of karst islets emerging from the sea like mushrooms is the icon of Raja Ampat, also known for its pristine beaches and extraordinary underwater life.

On the program for the day, we will climb one of the peaks to admire one of the most extraordinary views of Raja Ampat. You can also go canoeing or “Stand-up-paddle” in a fairy tale panorama, all shades of blue are represented in the crystal clear waters. Of course, we will organise dives to observe the abundance of marine flora and fauna. The waters of Wayag attract many Rays, Manta, Mobula, Eagle, but also many reef sharks, so the dives around its islets are always impressive.
At the end of the day or very early in the morning, the Wisesa will set sail again towards the island of Wofoh.

Day 4 – Wofoh & Yeben

The Wisesa will anchor for two dives in front of the island of Wofoh, made up of two magnificent small islands connected by an expanse of coral reef. The beaches here are pristine white, and the palm trees and dense vegetation lining the white sand highlight a stretch of coastline that is perfect for a relaxing beach stroll. But the real charm of Wofoh lies underwater. At the dive site known as “Edy’s black forest”, you can see one of the greatest gorgonian varieties in a real underwater jungle. On the island’s west coast, another dive site consists of a coral wall that goes down to 40 metres. Here you will see a colourful array of hard and soft corals, schools of surgeonfish, yellowfin barracuda and, if you’re lucky, unicorn fish! For macro photographers, there are also many species of nudibranchs.

After our second dive and a short navigation, the Wisesa will anchor in front of Yeben Island for a final dive where barracudas, schools of tuna and reef sharks hunt on this very fishy reef. Yeben is also a paradise island with a beautiful beach perfect for enjoying the sunset with a drink in hand. The Wisesa will spend the night here before heading for Pyanemo islands.

Day 5 – Pyanemo

Very early in the morning the boat will drop anchor near Pyanemo island where we will start the day with a small ascent on the island to contemplate one of the most beautiful landscapes that Raja Ampat can offer: a uniquely start-shaped lagoon. Back on board, we will prepare for our first dive of the day on the “Barracuda reef” site. The seamount with rich coral cover is home to giant trevallies, barracudas, tunas, kingfish and sharks, including grey reef! Predator hunts are commonplace here!

Another dive will follow on the famous site of “Melissa’s garden”, which has made its reputation by the incredible richness of its seabed. Whether we are talking about flora or fauna, “Melissa’s garden” is certainly one of the highlights of your cruise because this site is always a surprise!
For the bravest, a night dive will be possible in the area. Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 6 – Arborek & Mansuar

We will start our navigation early in the morning to reach the great reef of Arborek, the most favourable area for observing manta rays. Between the sites of “manta ridge” and “manta sandy”, the chances of observing these majestic animals are very high. Drift along the reef to reach an underwater ridge and wait there while waiting for the beauties to begin their ballet above a cleaning station, where cleaner wrasse fish are busy at work on these ocean giants.

After these two dives full of emotions, the Wisesa will head west of the island of Mansuar for an exceptional dive under “Saundarek” village’s jetty. Despite the village proximity, the diversity of species here is extraordinary! Indeed, Marine life seems to be used to the human presence and is therefore easy to approach: a true paradise for photographers! Night diving is also possible on this site. Dinner and overnight on board in Saundarek Bay.

Day 7 – East of Dampier Strait

Depending on your flight schedules the next day, we will organise the last dives of the cruise on the east of Mansuar island as well as near Kri island. You will discover the underwater jewels of “Cap Kri”, “Yeben”, or even “Sardine reef” sites. We really saved the best for last!

These locations are among the most famous in central Raja Ampat. Indeed, the biodiversity is so indecent that scientists continue to regularly organise expeditions to count and observe the many species of fish and corals that call it home.

After these last emotions and a last sunset from the island of Kri, the Wisesa will have to start the last night navigation of the cruise towards the port of Sorong.

Day 8 – Disembarkation at Sorong

After a last souvenir photo with the crew, it will be time to say goodbye… Our team will transfer you to Sorong Airport where you will fly to your next destination.

We will meet again soon !
No two cruises are alike aboard the Wisesa. Each expedition is tailor-made to create a unique experience! The following itinerary has been carefully chosen to give you the best possible cruise. Depending on weather and sea conditions, the itinerary may change at any time without notice. In this case, an alternative route will be offered.
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