SNORKELING CRUISE - Itinerary 12 days 11 nights (including Wayag Island)

You and your Family will enjoy the Beauty of Raja Ampat, meet his gorgeous and incomparable marine life, with our wooden phinisi boat, the WISESA.

You will explore the best reefs of the area, underwater walls, coral gardens, spectacularly nice and calm lagoons. While you swim and look at the corals and fish, you will hear the wildlife sounds echo from the jungle.

On Land, an incredible variety of birds, lizards and cuscus can be spotted. Raja Ampat also has breathtaking natural Landscapes, and a local population with still strong traditional culture !

Day 1 – Embarkation in Sorong

After a welcome Mocktail and the safety briefing, the crew will weigh anchor and the Captain will set sail towards Waisai.

During this first navigation you will take possession of your cabins, prepare your snorkelling equipment, your cameras, and also socialise with the crew and other passengers.

If the weather permits, you can do a first snorkelling dive to familiarise yourself with your equipment, regain your feelings in the water, and for the first time admire the Raja Ampat underwater world!

First of a long list of sumptuous sunsets, dinner and night on board near Waisai.

Day 2 – The Dampier Strait

We will spend our second day west of the Dampier Strait which is home to some of the most beautiful Snorkelling sites in the central Raja-Ampat. The area is bordered by islands with dense and lush vegetation. Depending on the conditions, we will explore Friwen, a very beautiful island lined with coconut palms and surrounded by a magnificent reef. The island’s northern part includes a small but colourful underwater wall of hard and soft corals, magnificent gorgonians and lots of reef fish. Beautiful vision to start your stay aboard the Wisesa in a good mood!

At high tide we will visit the mangroves of Gam island, wherein this maze of vegetation you will keep your eyes open to observe tropical birds including toucans and cockatoos. If you can’t see them, you will surely hear them!
Back on board the Wisesa for a hearty lunch, we will sail deeper into the bay between Gam and Waigeo towards a secret place, known only to our captain, where we will snorkel around a beautiful islet. Here, the corals unfold flamboyant colours used as shelters by many fish species. A small beach on this islet will allow us to relax and stroll at the end of the day before returning to the Wisesa.

Day 3 – Birds of Paradise & Mansuar Island

Before sunrise, we will enter the Gam tropical forest. Where we will walk in the footsteps of the famous naturalist Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, who explored the Raja Ampat archipelago in 1854 for 8 years. He shared his discoveries with Charles Darwin, which provided the material and impetus for writing one of the most important scientific publications on evolution: the famous book “The Origin of Species”.

That morning, just like Sir Alfred Russel Wallace, we will go in search of the Red bird-of-paradise (Paradisaea Rubra), endemic to the islands of Gam and Batanta, and visible only at daybreak before it goes deep into the forest to feed. After this land adventure and a solid breakfast, the Wisesa will head to the picturesque village of Saundarek in the south of Mansuar island, where we will meet the inhabitants for powerful interactions as well as enjoying the joy of the children, and the warm welcome of the elders. The main reason for our presence here lies underwater because the snorkelling under the village pier is absolutely extraordinary. Despite the human proximity, the diversity of species here is exceptional! Trevallies, Giant Groupers, Fusiliers, Large humphead parrotfish, Large Humphead Wrasse, White and Black Tip Reef Sharks, Green Turtles, etc…

The inhabitants of Saundarek made it a point of honour to respect Nature and have decided not to fish nearby. It explains why marine life is so abundant and used to the presence of humans. A true paradise for underwater photographers!

Day 4 – Arborek & Yeben, The Mantas day

We will start our navigation early in the morning to reach the great reef of Arborek, a place where the concentration of Manta rays is the most important in Raja Ampat.
Between the sites of “Manta Ridge” or “Manta Sandy”, the chances of observing these majestic animals are very high. Drift along the reef to reach an underwater stopover and wait there for the beauties to begin their ballet above a “cleaning station” where parasite- removing fish are busy working on these sea giants.

After these thrilling snorkelling trips, the Wisesa will head towards a hidden treasure, which is the island of Yeben.
Known for its transparent waters, its magnificent white sand beach and bordered by lush vegetation, it also possesses one of the most beautiful formations of Acropora-type hard corals. Snorkelling here is awe-inspiring because many reef sharks enjoy patrolling among these beautiful underwater landscapes full of life.

You will also enjoy the pristine beach of Yeben for an aperitif while contemplating a magnificent sunset before returning to board the Wisesa.

Day 5 – Aljui Bay, The Jurassic Park of Raja Ampat

After a short morning sail, the Wisesa will visit a small archipelago made of about ten beautiful islets for a beach and morning snorkelling. The southern part of one of the islands is ideal for the practice of Canoe Kayak or Stand up paddle.

You will slide on the water a few centimetres above the reef to reach in its centre a hole forming a natural white sand swimming pool. The colour of the water is absolutely splendid.

Back on board for lunch, the Wisesa will set sail for Aljui Bay, which it will reach in the afternoon. We will explore this magical place by the sea with our dinghy. This bay is bordered by impressive vertical cliffs where lush and dense vegetation has managed to grow. Sometimes, a narrow passage between the cliffs allows you to penetrate deeper into the island via a meander of waterways in the heart of this jungle.. Here, the plant environment, the marine environment and the mineral environment blend harmoniously, giving us an idea of what the planet could have looked like at the time of the dinosaurs. Dinner and overnight on board.
The Wisesa will lift the anchor in the night to reach our next destination in the early morning.

Day 6 & 7- Wayag, yes Paradise Exists

The most beautiful landscape of the Raja Ampat archipelago is undoubtedly offered by the uninhabited and incredibly picturesque Wayag island, where the boat will drop anchor for 2 days after crossing the equator very early in the morning. This maze of karst islets rising like mushrooms from the sea is the icon of Raja Ampat, also known for its pristine beaches and extraordinary underwater life.

On the program for these two days, the bravest will climb one or two peaks to admire the most breathtaking view of Raja Ampat. You can also go canoeing or “Stand-up-paddle” alone. You will then navigate without the sound of an engine in crystal clear waters in the heart of a magical panorama, where all shades of blue are represented. Of course, we will organise snorkelling trips to observe the abundance of marine life. Wayag waters attract many Rays, Manta, Mobula, Eagle Rays, but also many Reef Sharks, and all kinds of fish.

We will visit the “Ranger” station where for the more adventurous you will have the opportunity, starting from the beach, to swim in shallow 1m deep water in the middle of many young black tip sharks. A unique and impressive experience. We will also organise a barbecue on one of the paradise Wayag beaches.

Day 8 – Snorkeling under the equator & Wofoh Island

In the morning, the Wisesa will lift anchor towards Wofoh.

Halfway through this navigation we will anchor next to the island we called “Equator island” located at latitude 0. We will slip into the water for a snorkelling under the equator on a very rich reef, where among the usual fauna of schools of large bumphead parrotfish, trevallies and also turtles are often spotted..

We will arrive in the afternoon at Wofoh island, another Eden. Made up of two beautiful little islands connected by stretches of coral reef.

The beaches here are pure white, palm trees and dense vegetation lining the white sand and drawing a perfect coastline for a relaxing beach stroll. But the real charm of Wofoh lies beneath the surface.
On the west coast of the island, there is a snorkelling site consisting of a coral wall that goes down to 40 metres. Here in the shallow waters you will see a colourful array of hard and soft corals, schools of surgeonfish, yellowfin barracuda, reef sharks and, if you are lucky, unicorn fish!

For the bravest, night snorkelling will be possible in the region to observe nocturnal species such as strange mollusks or small animals which for some look like aliens.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 9 – The Island of Pyanemo, The other paradise

Early in the morning, the Wisesa will set sail for the island of Pyanemo.

During this navigation, we will pass near many islands and islets. We will stop here and there at different snorkelling sites and beautiful wild beaches. If you are lucky you will be able to see dolphins. Numerous in this region, they like to escort the Wisesa playing with its bow, which is always a sight.

In the afternoon, we will drop anchor between the islands of Pyanemo and Rufus in a magnificent islet made up of a ring hiding a marine lake in its heart. We will get into the water and during this snorkelling you will observe many species swimming near the surface.

You can also explore shallow caves lined with colourful corals, and tunnels that communicate with the inner lake.
Breathtaking underwater landscapes!

We will finish the day with a short hike on the island of Pyanemo to contemplate another of the most beautiful and emblematic landscapes that Raja Ampat has to offer a unique star-shaped lagoon!

Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 10 – The Wild Batanta

We will arrive in the morning close to the West of the island of Batanta, for an exceptional Snorkelling. Indeed, the underwater life of this region can offer great surprises which cannot be shared here for confidentiality reasons…
Back on board, the boat will resume its course along the impressive island of Batanta, one of the four kings that make up the Raja Ampat.

Your explorer’s instincts will awaken as the Wisesa sinks into the heart of this island where the crew will drop anchor in the centre of a bay surrounded by jungle.

Once equipped with a good pair of shoes, a hat and a bottle of water, we will disembark for a trek of about an hour in lush vegetation to reach a magnificent waterfall. You will be able to have a refreshing swim in this natural environment before leaving.
Dinner and overnight on board the Wisesa

Day 11 – Yenbuba & Flying Foxes

We will do a last snorkelling in front of the emblematic village of Yenbuba (we saved the best for the end) where the density and variety of fish is breathtaking !

Follow a sloping reef full of beautiful coral formations on one side, and huge schools of fish on the other. Barracudas, trevallies, giant groupers and plenty of reef sharks like to patrol these waters. Wisesa will then relocate to Waisai, an obligatory passage in order to notify the local authorities of our imminent departure from the Raja Ampat National Park, then Wisesa will anchor near the island of Mioskon which is home to a large colony of flying foxes who will fly away at sunset to feed in the forest of the big island of Gam. From the boat or from the superb beach of Mioskon, you can witness this impressive spectacle!

After dinner, the Wisesa will begin its last navigation of the cruise in the evening towards the port of Sorong.

Day 12 – Disembarkation at Sorong

After a last souvenir photo with the crew, it will be time to say goodbye…

Our team will transfer you to Sorong Airport where you will fly to your next destination.

We will meet again soon !
No two cruises are alike aboard the Wisesa. Each expedition is tailor-made to create a unique experience !
The following itinerary has been carefully chosen to give you the best possible cruise. Depending on weather and sea conditions, the itinerary may change at any time without notice. In such a case, an alternative route will be offered.
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