The Sorong Marina, facility, bar and restaurant

Did you book a liveaboard adventure to Raja Ampat? If so, it is very likely that you will be passing by Sorong, where many liveaboards, including the Wisesa, are moored in between trips. Thus, we wanted to talk to you about your point of departure, the “The Marina”, a facility of course, but also the main (and kind of only) bar and restaurant for foreigners to enjoy great food and drinks prior to their snorkeling and diving cruises.

Marna Sorong

The Marina restaurant is located on….the Sorong marina (surprise!), an essential marine facility in the city of Sorong. This marina plays a crucial role in supporting the burgeoning tourism industry in the area, particularly for travellers interested in exploring the stunning Raja Ampat archipelago.

Here are some key points about Sorong Marina:

  • Gateway to Raja Ampat: Sorong Marina is often considered the gateway to Raja Ampat, one of the most biodiverse marine environments on the planet. Raja Ampat is a dream destination for divers, snorkelers, and nature enthusiasts, attracting visitors from around the world to its crystal-clear waters, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse marine life.

  • The bar & restaurant: This is where most of us will have your last “land-based” meal and drinks before embarking on the Wisesa. Indeed, Sorong is unfortunately not very developed in terms of tourism activities and restaurants serving western style food (understand, not spicy!) It’s a very nice place with great music and an extensive menu. 

We often use this place as a meeting point for our guests and we will make sure to introduce you to the local dishes if you want to! 

Prices are very decent, unless you order alcohol which is in general expensive in Indonesia, but even more in Sorong due to its remote position in Indonesia. If you have been in Bali, consider a 25% price increase from the price usually on the menu over there. But worry not, it is still less expensive than in Bali’s beach clubs! 

  • Environmental Considerations: Given the importance of the marine ecosystem in Raja Ampat, it's essential for marinas like Sorong to adhere to environmentally sustainable practices, but the restaurant still offers plastic straws, so make sure to order your drinks by asking not to have one. 

Many operators in the region are dedicated to preserving the fragile coral reefs and ecosystems, including responsible waste disposal and education programs for visitors. This is the case of Bank Sampah Sorong Raya, managed by our friends and to whom we give our trash after each cruise. You will definitely notice their activism when reaching the marina because of a stunning wall decorated with educational street art! 

We really encourage you to donate to them, because they lack the funding from the government to conduct activities that could really be a game changer in our fight against plastic pollution. 

There is unfortunately not much more to say about Sorong Marina’s and its associated bar and restaurant. That’s why it isn’t really a place worth your precious holiday time. Still, you should stay there the night prior to boarding the Wisesa to make sure that flight delay and other unforeseen circumstances do not jeopardize your cruise, and the trip of your fellow passengers.

As usual, please no not hesitate to contact us through the website’s contact form to know more about our snorkeling and diving trips!

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