10 Tips for getting ready for a liveaboard vacation

To book a liveaboard cruise is a very exciting time. You watched many videos and researched the right boat and itineraries extensively to make sure that you will book THE ultimate snorkeling & diving trip in Raja Ampat or other exotic destination.

 But there is more to plan before you close your luggage and take off from the airport. If you’re relatively new to liveaboard diving, it can be hard to know how to get the most out of your trip so this list should help you. And of course, so would our  FAQ if you book with us!


1- Pack right but light

On one hand, you need as much clothing and more as possible, on the other hand you definitely don’t want to have too much stuff in your cabins. While comfortable, they are often relatively confined areas with limited storage. So make a list for the daily clothing according to the duration of your trip.

liveaboard packing
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2- Immunizations.

In post Covid times, vaccination never became such an important travelling topic. Not all countries have the same regulation so there is some homework to do in regards to your specific destination. There, your embassy is the first port of call. Are your other immunizations current? Although we cannot eliminate all risks, there are several that can be reduced with the right shot. 

3- Get your communications in order.

Divers who want to experience an adventure in far-off places select the liveaboard option. Cellular networks are frequently nonexistent as a result, and wi-fi is also unlikely to be accessible. Anyway, is a liveaboard trip the right time to be spending time online? If so, other types of holidays might  be a better choice! Time for a digital detox! !

Give your loved ones the phone number of the travel agent or tour operator you used to plan your vacation because emergencies sometimes happen. They will be the best at communicating with the boat in an emergency.

4- Perform a few early dives

If you had a long break since your last time, to take a refresher course is definitely a smart thing to do. 

Even if it wasn’t that long, why not take advantage of a few dives from the mainland before getting on the boat? For instance, it could be nice to spend a few days or more scuba diving in Bali before travelling to Raja Ampat. If you haven't been diving for a while, it will also enable you to have a head start and perhaps recover your senses.

Another benefit is that you might discover a flaw in your equipment or that a few o-rings are missing.

We promise that you'll start to enjoy every dive you take on a liveaboard moving forward.

5- Research your diving spots.

Most of the places the boat will take you have fantastic, diverse sights that you can enjoy. The crew will undoubtedly be familiar with many of the top locations, but they may not share your priorities. Therefore, it is best to investigate dive spots before leaving so that you are 100% sure that the chosen trip fits your wishes and diving capacities. 

A mix of personal research and information from your liveaboard company will make sure you’re going to the right places.

6- “Chef, what's for dinner tonight?”

Remember that services like Uber Eats and others are not available on the boat. It might sound funny, and in a way it is, but try getting about these days without Google Maps. Got it? Being cut off from convenience might be unsettling since habits can be more ingrained in our minds than we often realize.

To ensure that the reference meal menu satisfies your habits and any dietary restrictions, ask the boat’s company what the usual menu is. Please let the booking agency know if you have any in advance so that the chef can get the proper groceries.

7- Insurance for both you and your equipment

Like other adventure activities, diving has some inherent risks. Accidents DO happen. Therefore, travelling without adequate health insurance would be negligent. Check your credit card insurance before subscribing, though, as some of them may already have you protected for the duration of your trip.

Do you also remember that pricey camera that settled 60 metres below the surface? You cou It would have been fantastic if it had been insured, no? Examine the insurance policies that protect the expensive objects you bring with you.

8- Medication 

Along with your regular prescription drugs and a small first aid kit, I advise adding some motion sickness pills to your liveaboard packing list. Being on a boat for an extended period of time in various weather conditions can be difficult, even if you are not prone to seasickness.

Seasick woman illustration by Aleutie


While it's not advised to dive while using a decongestant, if you have sensitive ears, I'd recommend taking some in the evening.

If you wear contact lenses, we suggest switching to daily lenses for a dive trip because they are more hygienic. Pack your glasses, eyedrops, and contact lens solution as well.

9- Arrive a day early.

We advise arriving the day before your scheduled departure. Flight delays or cancellations may occur when travelling to faraway places. Additionally, it might aid with your probable jet lag recovery and helps you to better enjoy your first dives.

Additionally, it will present you with a wonderful opportunity to take in some sightseeing, finish up some last-minute shopping, and partake in a gourmet meal.

10- Pack with sustainability in mind.

We all have a duty to protect the environment we are visiting, from carbon footprint to ocean contamination. Get that reusable bottle, cup and straw, reef-safe sunscreen and shower products, etc.

Of course, try to collect trash during your dives as much as possible!

This small list will refresh your memory about “do’s and don’t”!


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