Happy New Year from everyone at Wisesa!

It’s with a seasalted heart that everyone at the Wisesa is wishing you a wonderful year 2023! Liveaboard diving and snorkeling in the Raja Ampat is back to full-speed sailing! 

With 2022 now in our stern’ sight, it’s time to reflect on what we have achieved and how promising the future will be!


To start with, it was the greatest pleasure of all to welcome guests full time on the Wisesa. After a couple of pandemic years, you can imagine that, like all tourism businesses, we were eager to work again with trips following each other!

Aside from the obvious financial sustainability of the company, it was just wonderful to fulfil your dream of sailing the Raja Ampat archipelago while practising snorkeling, diving, or other sea activities. We are doing this because we love to show the stunning beauty of this part of the world, both above and below water. The rewards of smiles and praise for our trips is our first motivation for arranging cruises! 

We are lucky to have a wonderful and experienced crew to make sure that the Wisesa is sailing smoothly. From the engineering team to those taking you on trips both on land and underwater, without forgetting the more than essential Chef, everyone on board our beautiful boat is teaming up to make sure that you will bring back home the best souvenirs!

Let’s not forget everyone at the office who is the cornerstone of a well booked holiday. 

On board and from the office, everyone wishes you the best for 2023 !!!!

We also made good use of our time to work on both the material and immaterial side of Wisesa Cruising Raja Ampat.

On the physical side of things, we have done the boat’s annual dry dock to ensure that our beautiful boat is in the best sailing condition. With a few improvements, including a new  propeller shaft, we know that the Wisesa’s maintenance is up-to-date.


On the immaterial side of things, we worked on a new website!

It was quite hard work, but we are really happy with the outcome of this new “flagship” of our online marketing presence which, along with the social media manager we brought in a few months ago, will help us to remain a major player in offering liveaboard diving and snorkeling experiences in this magical place that the Raja Ampat islands definitely is.

Obviously, we invite you to give us your feedback because it has been created for YOUR experience. Thus, we are more than open to constructive criticism for improvements to be implemented. 

This new website will also feature a blog updated twice a month for us to help you travel the Raja Ampat from the comfort of your home.

The future is bright since 2023 is almost fully booked on the Wisesa! We still have a couple of cruises available in August and September, but if you would like to join us for the trip of your life, we recommend you to be very quick to contact us!

If you have had the chance to sail with us in 2022 or even before, please do not forget to send us your pictures and video! Indeed, we are always eager to share the wonderful content from our guests to share the experience with our social media followers. If you don’t already, we of course invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!

Cruise Indonesia is our passion and whether you dive, snorkel, surf or Stand-Up-Paddle, we’d love to share our next adventure on WISESA with you.

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